Sunday, July 25, 2010

It really sucks feeling so...

Don't you just hate that word? It makes you feel soo unwanted.

But the truth is, sometimes we are unwanted.
Taylor Swift.
Yeah, she honestly gets us girls through the worst.

I've always been a huge Taylor Swift fan, ever since 6th grade. But the past week I haven't been able to stop listening to the song "Invisible" by her. It is actually beautiful and completely describes whats going on in my life right now..well...boy wise.

I've barely been able to sleep.
not like I sleep anyways..
my mind always gets the best of me.

My thoughts are racing, I honestly feel like I have a huge NASA car race going through my head but instead of cars there thoughts...I feel dizzy from all this.

I can barely breathe, especially when I'm around him.
But I've also never been anywhere as cold as him.

Another great TSwift song
"As cold as you"

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