Thursday, July 29, 2010

Day #11: A Deceased person you wish you could talk to

Dear Pappa,
Life down here on earth as been quite hard lately, grandma has been staying with us ever since you passed the morning of july 4th. Well, that day mom and aunt carrie got a plane out the Santa Fe to be with grandma..everyone was so upset. I woke up to moms crying and screaming we all thought you where doing so well. They came back a week later but this time with grandma, grandma has been here for about 2 weeks. But her and mom are leaving on saturday to go back to Santa Fe. We all miss you a lot, you where doing so good after surgery we all thought you'd last longer. But at least you died at ease in your beautiful home. You'll never be forgotten. We all loved you so much, I remember so clearly making a bird house with you and Zoe when I was 5. Then you took us to Moodys Pub when I was about ll, I hope you know I will still never go back after I got attacked by the squirrel when we where there. I also remember every time we came to see you, you always gave me and Zoe and new Royal Doulton of our choice! I also remember conning you out of your favorite one. You where such a great grandpa, even though you bored us with your stories and your talks about things I never understood and still don't. Its going to be so weird, not coming up to Santa Fe for thanksgiving because grandma will be coming to us, I wish I got to say goodbye. I mean I talked to you on the phone right before surgery and that was it, I feel so guilty I was always so insensitive and I was sometimes really mean to you. I know you know that I didn't really mean it but I just feel so bad. I want you to know that you will always be missed and loved.
See you on the other side Pappa,

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