Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I can run ten miles a day and eat like a health freak.. yet nothing ever changes. IM SO SICK OF IT. I know this is contradicting considering I've talked about loving your self and the body you have.. and I do believe in that but its hard sometimes when you see super skinny girls all around you and then you look in the mirror and hate yourself. I'm honestly ready for all this to change, I want to grow into my body but I know its not going to happen because I'm 15 years old 5'1 AND DONE GROWING. It sucks. So I know to make things change I'm going to have to push for it so I can be happy and be able to look in the mirror and smile... so I can stop feeling like the fat loaf in the middle of all my beautiful skinny friends.

I'm done with waiting. I'm done with feeling like this.
I'm ready for change.

I'm pretty sure the picture explains everything...

Sunday, January 16, 2011


I don't understand why people say things like "thats gay" or "your so gay" 1. an inanimate object can not have a sexual preferance and 2. if you say "your so gay" your assuming that that person likes the same sex which IS NOT a bad thing.. so why are you saying it negatively?

My friend and I had a little NOH8 and FCKH8 photo shoot... i edited this picture and I want an opinion on which one you think I should post on the campaigns website! So please take a look at them and comment which one you think I should post.


^These are the campaign websites... the NOH8 one you can submit your own photos (which is what I am going to do) Its really awesome.. and they have open photo shoots all the time all around the country.

Thanks guys! Sorry I haven't been updating to much

Photo 1
Photo 2
This is not showing up well on the blog but it does on the other websites!
Photo 3 (unedited)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year.


I hate living in a old reputation, I want people to see who I really am.. I'm done being something I thought people would want me to be. I'm in highschool... junior high is over, its in the past and I want it to stay like that. I made a lot of mistakes in the junior high, I turned myself into a fake bitch.. I pretended to be someone I really wasn't. I want people to see the true me now. I'm not afraid of what people think of me anymore, my true friends will be the ones who will stick with me no matter what and won't care how I dress or act. They will love me for the true me not the fake one. So this year 2011, I'm starting over.


Hey I'm Geena, art and theatre are my passions. I love photography, painting, drawing, dancing, singing, acting. I love my friends and family more then anything. I find the beauty in everything a normal eye would deem ugly. I may say I'm bored but I never truly am. I find people watching so interesting, and sometimes I wish I could just go up to a random person and ask if I could take their picture. My mind wonders off 24/7 and I like to draw out what I dream. My thoughts all turn into art work and my writing really speaks the truth. I love the feeling of love but I hate when it ends, drama is the worst but I manage to get in it a lot. I wish my name was Cleo and I think everyone is beautiful in many different ways. Nice to meet you.

So tell me about yourself... I want to know things about everyone that reads my blog!