Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Day #3: Letter to your Parents

Dear Mom and Dad,
I know I'm a pain in the ass and that I make a ton of mistakes. I'm sorry for annoying you and getting in trouble and I'm sorry when I act like a stuck up brat. But thank you for always being there and dealing with me through all my crazy times. The times when I was little and I would put to much gum in my mouth, the time I thought i was cool because I knew how to open a peanut shell but then I choked and the time that I wrote on Zoe's door when I was mad at her. When I went through my Abercrombie and Juicy stage and then my punk rocker stage. When all I wore was black, pink, and silver. I'd wear fake piercings and tell you they where real just to piss you off and then the time I went through the hardest experience of my life. Thank you guys for never giving up. Thank you for not being super strict though you can be up tight sometimes and thank you for never ignoring me. Trust me I know I am a crazy teenager, and I know that I put you through a lot. But thank you so much for never giving up.

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