Monday, February 21, 2011


Well I'm really sorry that I said I would tell you what had happened in an hour but now its been 2 days and I'm finally telling you. PLEASE FORGIVE ME!!

so basically, i found out that a girl that I thought I was friends with talks so much shit behind my back. I was always so nice to her, I never did anything mean, so why go and talk shit? If you don't like me take it up with me, if i offended you take it up with me. Don't talk to other people who probably don't even know me. Like are you serious? It just pisses me of that people do that kind of stuff. I'm not perfect, I've talked behind peoples backs before but never like that and never about someone for no reason.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Oh my.. do I have things to tell you! YES YOU! But you'll have to wait in hour, because I'm about to leave for guitar!


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Why hello there!

Have you guys ever realized that we base our lives so much on pop culture, and being like the celebs that our brains aren't completely in reality?

Everyone wants to be famous! I want to be famous. I always question it though, like why would I ever want to be famous? Being famous obviously has its up and downs.. but lately I've been seeing a lot of downs! There are soo many celeb couples, that almost always end in divorce or the younger stars always seem to end up getting into some kind of trouble with the law. So why is it that we strive for that fame? Why do we want to be just like these people? We want the attention. We want people following us, asking for autographs, hanging our pictures on there wall. Yes, I want to be famous.. like I honestly really do. But then I think of all the bad that comes with the fame and i reconsider it. But hey! I'm not famous .. so I guess I truly wouldn't know.

Sorry I've been gone guys. I've been very busy lately, I hope this was a good first post in a long time!