Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The human body.

Don't you just love all the things you could do with your body?
No matter what size the body is always beautiful.
well everyone is!
Chubby hands? Thats pretty cool.

Everyone has a little bit of cool in them :)
Be proud of who you are!
If you have curves, embrace them.
If people call you ugly, say whatever and walk away. Then tell yourself your beautiful no matter what people say!
If people say your pretty, say thank you but don't flaunt it.
You don't have to be stick thin
You just have to be happy!
Don't be embarssed of how you look, all that matters is that you feel good about yourself.
Don't let people tear you down, because the truth is there more insecure then you think.
Be happy, no matter what.
Just remember its your opinion on yourself that counts.
Not anyone else's
So what if your not the flawless girl on the magazine cover!
Those girls aren't real!

But you are.


  1. i think its so cool that you can take pictures of yourself, sike get a life.

    etown runs this bitch

  2. Thanks guyss means a lot, im glad you have enough time in your oh so busy lifes to comment on my blog

  3. well i thought they were fun to look at.
    And what you said was meaningful

  4. and like u said. ignore those bitches. that person probz isnt even from evanston, they just want u to think people hate you. people don't hate you. You're amazing. The people that hate you are just jealous because you are beautiful, and full of beauty

  5. awh thank you so much! that means a alot, you should chat me up sometime.

  6. i like ur shorts. whered u get them?

    sry im kinda random...

  7. There from BP i got them awhile ago though, so i dont think they have them anymore!