Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hettie Price.

This is dedicated to Hettie Price and her confusing life.

So Hettie is one interesting girl, she loves to shop especially for vintage stuff. She seems like an all around great girl and that she is, but deep down inside she has a really confusing life. Never would you think Hettie has troubles with her love life, but yes she does. Oh yes she does. So there is this guy his name is Reuban he is one cool guy that Hettie is very fond of. They seem to like each other very much, you always see them hugging and kissing until this one day where another guy stepped in. Paul was his name and oh he is a nice and charming boy. He asked her to sail he promised he'd make her dinner. What an amazing offer she thought, though she felt bad because Reuban was sad. Hettie still loved him but then she thought "oh paul he'd be so heartbroken if i reject." So Hettie is one complex girl with boy troubles you could never imagine. She is still undecided on what to do since Reuban is mad but Paul will be to.