Tuesday, August 31, 2010



Its been a pretty good experience so far! I'm actually really liking it. Yesterday though was NOT my day. Actually it was a pretty horrible day, but besides that everything has been good, other then embaressing myself non-stop! Sorry i haven't been blogging for awhile, I have just been really really busy!
I feel like I finally found a group of kids that completely relate to me, and love what I love. My favorite class of the day is theatre, the kids are so fun and so nice. You can just tell the moment you see them that there hearts are where my heart is at...theatre. I LOVE THESE PEOPLE. They are so funny, I cant even count how many times I have peed my pants because of them. They make me so happy. I can't wait to audition for the frosh/soph musical. It is going to be one of the funnest things in the world. I will be with most of my "Aladdin" friends, some "Annie" friends and all my new theatre friends that are trying out!

Hard decision:
I miss gymnastics so much, its actually unbelieveable. I have decided that I really want to do it again, so I think I'm going to tryout for the New Trier team. But heres the catch, I'm pretty sure it interferes with the Frosh/Soph musical. So I dont know what I'm going to do! If I make both, I will either have to find away to do both or make a decision...a hard one. I LOVE THEM BOTH! urrgg this suckks.


  1. I know this has nothing to do with this, but i just reads your formsping, and i was about to write a billion nice comments, but you deleted it, so i hope u don't mind if i write them here.
    Who ever that girl was, YES, she's insecure. it's so not fair that she thinks she can just write awful things on ur FS. I can assure you, its just the one same bitch writing the mean things, and she's probably jealous of you, because you are BEAUTIFUL, AND NOT AT ALL FAT. YOU'RE NOT CHUBBY, you are so pretty, and you have a great body.You're curvy, and curves are sexy. If girls didnt have curves, they wouldn't be girls! you are so pretty and you should never think you're not. Don't let that girl get to u. You're such a nice girl, and you do NOT deserve people writing those things to you. i'm not one of your friends writing this to make you feel better. i don't know you well at all, actually. im saying these things because i mean it, and you deserve to know that you are gorgeous! u probably already know that you're pretty tho. And good for you to delete ur FS, don't give people access to write you mean things. 30% is probably nice things, but probably 70% is probably just insecure bitches.
    alright. bye :)

  2. That is actually one of the most nicest things ever. Thank you so much for writing that. You actually just made me feel so much better, i was so down because of those formsprings. Your right they are bitches for writing that, but everyone has there own opinion and i guess thats just theres. Not everybody is going to like me and thats a fact. But thank you so much! Please chat me or email me sometime I really want to know who you are so I can write a blog post just for you! Thank you. Really.

  3. hey geena! i was just on ur profile and i saw that you have a blog!
    i totally feel the same about our theater class.. i love it!! <3

    i like your blog, btw

    --Claudia Keener

    my blog: http://fashionandpoise.blogspot.com