Monday, November 22, 2010

Suggestions ?

I'm sorry my blog posts have been really short and uninteresting, I just haven't been able to sit down and blog. I think of so many great things I could write about but then I just can't do it. Right now my mind is completely blank. I can't think of 1 little thing that may be interesting for everybody (if anybody) reading this. So please, if you have ANY suggestions comment them or even email them, I would love to hear what YOU want to read about. So just give it a go I would really really appreciate it.

Sooo update on life, I'm learning a new elvis song on guitar and I finished my 10th journal. I just got a new one, and maybe because of this crazy writers block it won't fill up as fast.
This was the last line of my filled up journal I don't know why but I love it so I wanted to share it with you: "But I am done with being nice and I am done with getting good grades, I am breaking free, I am me."


  1. Are you kidding about the grades??

  2. not completely, like I'm basically saying that I should give myself a break and do things to my standards not anyone elses

  3. suggestions/ questions:

    1. what do u journal about? and maybe u shud post ur journals...?

    2. what do u think about the names program? will u be opening up?

  4. this is old... but i have a suggestion. you shourld do a post vbout some adventure you had during winter break. that would be kicksas