Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Names Program

I got a request to write about my feeling towards the Names Program, my advisory is one of the first advisorys to go and to be honest I'm a bit excited for it. I am excited to hear other peoples stories of getting bullied and be able to compare them to my own. I feel like it will really show people that they ARE NOT alone and I know from experiance that a lot of people want to know that. I remember when I was a victim of bullying and I felt so alone, so depressed, so anxious, I felt like NO ONE understood what I was going through and no one could help me no matter how hard they tried. Now I realize that I was never really alone and people all around me could have been going through a similar thing, I just wish I realized that then instead of now. I think that the Names Program will really bring awareness to that and maybe even help any bullying problem that happens in school. I'll post after I go to the program to tell you all about it and maybe I'll even post my own story and maybe you guys can share your own!

I also got another request to post what I write about in my journals on here but I dont know if I'm going to do that because its really personal you know? I may post little parts of it but most likely not all of it!


  1. are u gonna say anythign at names?

  2. I'm still thinking about it, but maybe. Im pretty sure we are also breaking off into small groups so most likely I will say stuff when we do that!

  3. im actually excited too!

    i am going on wed.