Thursday, October 7, 2010

I honestly will say that I am in love with fall. The trees are beautiful, it makes me so sad that the changing leaves don't last that long. It's not just the trees that are beautiful though, everything is. You can finally wear those big knit sweaters and those leather boots you have been dying to break in. You can actually wear clothes. Now don't get me wrong I love summer, I love running around half naked and not getting crap for it because, well, its summer! But after awhile that gets boring and you just want to be able to snuggle up into some jeans. Right now I think I'm going fall crazy, except for the fact this chicago weather has been very weird lately, It felt like it was 80 degrees out today! It was really nice but at the same time I really just wanted a little cold breeze and a nice latte.

I'm sorry I haven't been posting as much as I'd like, but with school and everything its getting hard. I also have NOTHING to write about.

soo help me outt?

~Geena Rae


  1. tell us about ur day at school
    whats your schedule? tell us about the people in each class, and the little things that made you happy throughout the day. tell us what stressed you out. Tell us what its like going to highschool!
    whats your morning routine. tell us stuff that will help us get 2 know you, and what a day in the life of geena is like

  2. Thank youu :)
    I posted what you asked
    check it outt