Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Over the summer I had a major addiction to.....
If your wondering what this is, it is a starbucks passion ice tea lemonade (sweetened) I LOVE IT. But it is going out of season soon, so they will not be selling it for much longer :( I do have the recipe though so if I get a huge craving for it I will make it myself! But for now my new addiction is....Arizona pomegranate green ice tea! IT IS WONDERFUL, I love it more then I love arnold palmers..which is another addiction. If you haven't noticed I really like fruity ice tea. So yeah, I have probably 2 of these a day, and the good thing about them is it has A LOT of antioxidants which is very good for you! Also, if you drink one in the morning you get a lot of energy to go through out the long school day.
Just a picture of me in my room,
Cool i know.

peacee outt

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  1. I love Tea starbucks is the best!