Tuesday, September 21, 2010

10 things you want to say to 10 different people

Dear E, Stop pushing up your boobs and acting like you don't

Dear L, I love you and never want to let you go

Dear G, I miss you so much you don't even know

Dear J, I had a secret crush on you for the longest time

Dear A, Why are we the exact same person?

Dear M, Don't stare at me in the hallways and make things all awkward

Dear C, Im so glad your back

Dear J, I don't like you anymore so stop being awkward!

Dear R, I have a puppy dog crush on you..

Dear M, I wish I could tell you how I really felt


  1. is the 2nd j a chico or chica (boy or girl)

  2. C = Courtney
    E= emily

  3. wronggg
    1. they are 2 different people
    2. neither is ryan

  4. Dear G,
    Your blog sucks! Stop trying to be Hettie

  5. C = Courtney
    E= emily
    am i right?

  6. e= emily miller. i agree.