Friday, March 26, 2010

Oh the poetry

Enigmatic Smile
The noise it makes as she steps down
the stairs wearing nothing
but six inch stilettos and an
enigmatic smile.
Everyone sees the beauty
but no one sees the pain
no one but me.
I see behind her beauty
I see behind her act
that enigmatic smile
that no one can read
lies a story
that makes it hard for her to breathe.

As the leaves change

One time a day usually around 3:15,
I take a walk.
Its the walk from the school bus i take everyday.
The street is silent and still, you could hear
a pin drop if you listen clostly,
I swear sometimes i see the leaves,
change colors right in front of me.

Its such a beautiful time of year.

Fall: the leaves change colors and the weather turns from hot to just right.
School has started and the leaves are crunching between the steps of my feet.
Girls change from flip-flops to boots and the beautiful golden tan you've worked
so hard for fades to your natural color.

Its the time
when your brain is loaded
and you stomach is filled with candy and pie.
Your stress level rises,
sometimes it rises so high all you need is a break.

Other times you just break.

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