Sunday, January 16, 2011


I don't understand why people say things like "thats gay" or "your so gay" 1. an inanimate object can not have a sexual preferance and 2. if you say "your so gay" your assuming that that person likes the same sex which IS NOT a bad thing.. so why are you saying it negatively?

My friend and I had a little NOH8 and FCKH8 photo shoot... i edited this picture and I want an opinion on which one you think I should post on the campaigns website! So please take a look at them and comment which one you think I should post.

^These are the campaign websites... the NOH8 one you can submit your own photos (which is what I am going to do) Its really awesome.. and they have open photo shoots all the time all around the country.

Thanks guys! Sorry I haven't been updating to much

Photo 1
Photo 2
This is not showing up well on the blog but it does on the other websites!
Photo 3 (unedited)


  1. love love love it!

  2. i rly like the black and white one

  3. *****YOU'RE!!!!!!!!!!**************

  4. I donno it looks soooo gay!

  5. r u les? bi? or straight?

  6. I'm straight... but obviously ALL for gay rights! You should be able to love whoever you want to love.