Friday, June 4, 2010

Why hello there!

I'm sorry i haven't been posting a lot lately, i was very busy with school and getting ready for graduation.

I graduated the 8th grade at WJHS yesterday, it was fantastic i had a really pretty dress and some cute shoes, the schools after party was pretty lame but my friends and I made it fun.

On to the more interesting stuff...

I am still in love with him. I remember that last kiss so perfectly i replay it my mind multiple times throughout the day, he was perfect for me. I was perfect for him. But things ended and I still can't imagine myself with anyone else, even though we weren't together for that long. It was just the way he wrapped his arms around me and kissed me on the forehead. It was the way he treated me, with respect and love. It was the way our hands fit together, i never did think i would ever find someone like him. I always dated the douche bags, because for some reason I always fell for them. But he was no douche bag and it was a surprise to find myself with someone like him, i didn't think i would ever miss it. But now look at me, i cant stop thinking about him.

But on to the good news,

I have a quote book, but i haven't added any it quite awhile so i decided to add more, if you have any you'd like to give me comment them on this post, but its not like anyone reads this anyways :( I have also decided to add a quote of the day!

Todays Quote: "Live life like your dying"

That one is one of my personal favorites


  1. Who are you in Love/missing?????

  2. Seriously. I would like to know who it is. My mom is a writer in Colorado and she told me to look up people who write about themselves. She said that if you express everything like who you like, Things seem to be so much easier in life...I am trying to see if she is right because it sounds interesting.

  3. haha i just did express my feeling toward a guy, but i like to keep him anonymous for his own sake